About Us

FERNDALE PHARMA are a UK health and well-being company.  

Focused on clinical healthcare and health & beauty. We are a member of the Ferndale Pharma Group Inc. A small family of healthcare companies located in the USA and Europe.  

Our portfolio consists of medicines, medical devices and cosmetic skincare products and devices. We market products and brands from companies we work with in exclusive partnerships and those that are our own.  

We operate through two commercial divisionsFERNDALE MEDICAL and AesthetiCare 

The FERNDALE MEDICAL division focuses on healthcareWe have medicinal products that treat skin-pain, rosacea, and varicose veins. We also provide products that help deliver high quality healthcare.  

We work in partnership with healthcare professionals and providers in NHS hospitals and the private sector. 

AesthetiCare is the business division that collaborates with skin professionals and consumers to enhance skin appearance, skin health and well-being. AesthetiCare focuses on: 

  • Professional skincare for use in the clinic and at home.  
  • Professional treatment products and devices. 
  • Home-use treatment devices 

The formulations and technologies are best-in-class and a result of clinical and scientific research.